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What Will You Innovate & Build?

Posted by David Lafkas on Dec 13, 2016 10:12:22 AM

In 1947, Ole Kirk Christiansen purchased a plastic injection-molding machine.  Some questioned why he did so, because for the previous 17 years he had been a carpenter and made primarily wooden toys, including traditional stackable wooden blocks.

By 1951, more than half of the outputs from Christiansen’s toy company were plastic.  This despite his native country’s trade magazine, Toy-Times, believing that plastic would never be able to replace traditional wooden toys.

The plastic toys that Christiansen’s toy company became known for were interlocking bricks, which we all know of as the familiar Lego bricks.

Those simple interlocking plastic bricks have developed into a subculture, six theme parks, video and board games, movies, and clothing.  By July 2015, it is estimated that 600 billion Lego parts have been produced, and Lego was named one of the world’s most powerful brands.

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How Passion Leads Innovation

Posted by Maggie Nichols on Feb 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM

So many times we talk about Passion and I fear it's a concept that's agreed to logically, but a very difficult practice to follow.  When we educate people on a system for Innovation we teach, "Power to the Worker!"  "She/he closest to the work should make the decision to kill an idea."  "If no one has passion enough to volunteer for a project, then you don't do the project."

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