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3 Ways to Have a Systems Mindset

Posted by Greg Lemmon on Jul 20, 2016 2:08:44 PM

Happy Birthday, No Guru Needed! Wow it has been a whole year since we’ve started this blog and after publishing just over 100 posts it is time to reflect on what we’ve learned. When summarizing the data from this blog I did my best to have a systems mindset. Meaning, my focus was less on the details of each blog post and more on the variance between them.

Here are 3 things I do differently when I have a systems mindset:

1. Don’t blame or reward workers:
We have 9 people writing post here and not a single writer is more popular than another. Is it because we’re all the same? Absolutely not. Each member of our team has their own strengths and weaknesses. We are not the same, but we are working in the same system. If you’ve been reading our post over the past year then you may recognize this quote:

“94% of the problems are due to the system, not the worker.”

We often quote Deming on this in attempts to educate leadership and get them to stop blaming and/or rewarding the worker based on occurrences caused by the system.

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Deadlines the Slayer of Learning

Posted by Brad Hall on Feb 16, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Only 24 hours left until the deadline, your plans were so grand you were going to change so much, but time betrayed you. Now with only a few hours to go you sit staring down a half finished product. What do you do? Do you decide to ship it anyway and just cobble together the remaining, but as best you can? Or do you admit defeat and push it back saying you'll make it next time?

This is the problem with change and learning; we live in the real world where things have to be finished and there are deadlines to meet. At some point you'll run into this dilemma where you have to decide to release it half complete or push it back and try again later. The problem is neither of these options are useful when you're trying to develop and learn about a new idea. If you throw something together last minute you add complications to it and muddy the outcomes of your testing. If you push it off and wait until next time you risk never trying anything and never moving forward.

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Learning How to Win Again with Innovation

Posted by Maggie Nichols on Jul 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM

A common theme among corporations these days is that they need to "Learn how to WIN again."

Below are 3 steps that all leadership can take to jump start innovation in your company or division

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We are the Innovation Team at Eureka! Ranch

Posted by Corie Roudebush Spialek on Jul 7, 2015 4:37:00 PM

Welcome to No Guru Needed - Anyone can Lead Innovation!

We are the team behind the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute.  If you aren't already familiar with us we are in the business of innovating and have been for almost 30 years.

To be completely honest our company started out in the guru business -- people would come to Newtown, Ohio so, that our founder & CEO, Doug Hall could bestow upon them the "Big Idea," the one that would change everything.  All different media outlets interviewed him and did stories on him the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Dateline and Inc. Magazine even named the Eureka! Ranch one of America’s top Innovation Teams.

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Welcome to the first blog from the Eureka! Ranch and Innovation Engineering Institute team.  Here you will find a diverse group of innovators dedicated to changing the world by transforming innovation from a random gamble to a reliable system that delivers increased innovation speed and decreased risk.


So, many exciting things are going on at Eureka! Ranch and with Innovation Engineering don't miss out on anything:

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