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The Butt - Head Principle

Posted by Maggie Nichols on Dec 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Do you ever notice that when something is really important to you, you make time for it?  What’s more, if it’s really important to you, you get mobile.  You show up for your kids’ dance recital even though you’ve got a work fire to put out at every turn.  You show up to the gym in January after making a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy, even though you’d much rather be sleeping.  You show up to your house when the contractor calls MakingTimeand says, “So what part of the roof did you want me to replace again?”

When it’s important, you make time.  When it’s important, you go.

Now turn the view back to your work life.  When you tell your staff something is extremely important, do you make time for it.  Do you go to where it is?

This concept, is the Butt - Head principle in action.  Said simply, your
head is where your butt is.  If your butt is parked in meetings all day, then that’s where you brain is most focused.  If your butt is parked in the auditorium of your kids' theater performance, then that’s where you’re most present.

Not only are you thinking about and spending more time and energy on LeadingInnovation.jpgthings where your butt sits, but the people with you see you showing up and realize that this is important to you too.

So the next time you tell your sales staff that face-to-face visits with potential clients is critical but you’re parked behind your desk looking at research, think about the Butt - Head Principle.


The next time you tell your staff that factory flaws and production mistakes must be rectified, but you’ve not been inside the plant in 2 years, think about the Butt - Head Principle.

The next time you say “Hey, this innovation stuff is priority #1,” but you haven’t yet yourself been to any creative session, project team, or pipeline meeting or learning review, think about the Butt - Head Principle.

It’s a simple way to ensure that you don’t just instruct and manage from afar, but you get close to the work where it counts.  You’ll get instant insight into the most important thing and your staff will see just how important it is too.

One way to get close to the work is to treat each interaction as stimulus...learn more here:

Turn Learning into Stimulus


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Maggie Nichols

Written by Maggie Nichols

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