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It’s About an Adventure not an Offering

Posted by Brad Hall on May 19, 2016, 11:04:20 AM

In today's world the market is flooded with offerings, some of them are great and others are terrible. But, there's enough people trying - that just having a spectacular product or service isn't enough anymore. You need to go beyond just an amazing offering and create a one of a kind experience that truly brings your offering to life for the customer.

When you're designing a new offering or just rethinking a current offering you should consider the whole that the customer will experience and how that affects them. One of the easiest examples is a restaurant. When you walk through the door the decorations and atmosphere should immediately set the stage for what's to come. You're seated and everything from the chairs, to the table cloth, to the lighting helps further the image that's been set. Then you're handed a menu or a tasting menu starts, whatever it is the stage is set and ready for you. As the meal progresses the symphony comes to life as courses are brought out. One after another to work together to make you not overwhelmed but fulfilled. The taste beyond what you could imagine and enhanced by everything else going on. And at the end of the night it's not a specific taste you remember or how a certain dish was garnished and plated but the overall experience of the meal. That's the part that sticks with you and the thing that will bring you back for more.

The food must be spectacular but just spectacular food isn't enough anymore. We must strive to become authors of our own story and use everyGettyImages-151575842.jpg tool at our disposal to create a story that will leave people talking for years to come. Then the issue becomes how is this possible with a product instead of a service. In truth it just takes a bigger picture view of the situation. Even in online products it's still possible. It's how your website is set up, how you talk about your products on your website, the process it takes to order something from you, and even the customer support afterwards when it comes to solving problems or a warranty claim. The product itself can be enhanced upon thinking about how you package it in the box you're shipping it in. When a customer first opens the box what do they see, smell, and feel. As they're putting it together or getting it ready to use what is the experience like? Are there instructions what are those like? What's the experience like when they first get set to use it? That first time they try it and experience it should bring it to life like no other.

It requires time and effort to think through all the small insignificant details and really make them shine. But when you do you'll be rewarded with a story that your customer will be telling to all their friends because there is a story to tell. In the next week break down one of your offerings and think through the story the customer experiences and how you can improve it and make it more meaningful to them.

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Brad Hall

Written by Brad Hall

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