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Innovation Pop Quiz, Will You Pass?

Posted by Maggie Slovonic Pfeifer on Aug 5, 2016 1:54:06 PM

Is Innovation a priority where you work?

Is “being Innovative” one of your skill sets?

Okay, Pop Quiz.

1. Can you DEFINE "Innovation"?

2. Are you having FUN Innovating? 

3. Can you REPLICATE success with Innovation? 

Let's see how you did. 

1. DEFINITION: If you answered yes, my follow on question to you is, "Is WhatIsInnovation
your definition the the same as the one your coworkers would give?" If you can't define it, how do you know if you're doing it? Or doing it well?

We use a simple definition. Innovation is equal to Meaningful Uniqueness. A Meaningfully Unique idea or solution meets the following criteria; A) the idea is MEANINGFUL to three parties, the organization, the customer/stakeholder, and the individual who works on it, and B) the idea is UNIQUE compared with alternative options. 

This definition guides our work. We often say, if you're not Meaningfully Unique, you better be cheap. And that applies to your product, service, processes, and YOU as an individual. 

2. FUN: If yes, good, I hope you are talking about the feeling you get when you're so immersed and excited into a project that you can barely sleep. If you said no, it's not uncommon to be frustrated by the barriers and the seemingly unnecessary bureaucracy involved in decision making.  

Pursuing innovation is not easy, but when you're doing MEANINGFUL work that you really care about, you experience pride and joy in the experience of working hard on it.

3. REPRODUCIBLE: If you answered yes, you're an unstoppable force and you should get back to work. If the answer is no - read on.

Look, it's not your fault. How could you know? You probably haven't been given much direction or training when it comes to "innovating", and it's not something that companies have totally figured out how to implement yet. 

The good news is, success with innovation is not random. There is a science behind producing big ideas that you can adopt and spread from person to person. 

When working with clients I work to enable them and their teams to understand the WHAT, WHY and HOW of innovation. This helps them to easily generate bigger, bolder ideas, and turn them into reality faster and with less risk.  

It is a process that they are able to replicate and repeat for success with innovation. And best of all, its fun to do. Its so much fun, and meaningful, that it won't feel like work.

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Maggie Slovonic Pfeifer

Written by Maggie Slovonic Pfeifer

Maggie P. is the Director of Education, fearlessly leading and teaching 1,000s of students around the world the best practices for innovation and applying systems thinking to their lives and organizations.

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