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Innovation is not about Innovation

Posted by Jesse Bechtold on Aug 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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Once upon a time,  our magazine news consumption was somewhat easier.  We were constrained by what you could afford to buy and carry around, if you subscribed, the updates came either weekly or monthly.  If you did pay-as-you-go it was necessary to find a way to the news counter.  It was not unknown for me to get through a month with but a single copy of National Lampoon Magazine…and my books…The Lord of the Rings, Catch 22, The House of Sixty Fathers.

Now I am older, more proper, more mature, as a friend of mine says.

I have an assistive reading, or hand-held, device.

No excuse to not be current on business and innovation.  Just to be sure, this past week I saw a list of the 5 Most Important Business Magazines.  Not to be outdone, I saw a competing list of the 10 Most Important Business Magazines (yes, there was overlap).  This longer list was followed by another 81 recommended business magazines.  Any of these can be delivered to my hand-held device immediately upon the release of any new story.  Not only can I get the story via their “app”, I can get an email or I can get a “twitter-thing” about it. 


Books remain my favorite form of reading.  I checked Amazon and found more than 81,300 “results” for books about innovation.  We will take their word for it.

All that good stuff about innovation and business!

Even if I start right now, I will never get all that stuff read.  And, I am fine with that.  Oh, the insights of a few are good and I read their stuff. 

Yet, innovation is not about innovation, is it? 

Innovation is about meaningfully unique ideas to achieve a purpose.  That purpose might be igniting social change, changing how we work together, or making a difference in people’s lives through more effective products or services.

Reading can be the ultimate mental stimulus for creating meaningfully unique ideas.  But we aren’t going to grow our brains if we read too much of the same old stuff.  Read voraciously, but let’s not read the same stuff.

We need a broad base of knowledge from which to draw stimulus for new ideas.  Even if you are a proper and mature individual, you can be a well read proper and mature individual who can draw stimulus from many sources. 

Between Fast Company and Wired this week maybe you can squeeze in National Lampoon or Joseph Conrad?

Click the link below to learn how to use that as stimulus for new ideas:

Turn Learning into Stimulus

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Written by Jesse Bechtold

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