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Are You Ready For The Next Big Innovation That will Change The World?

Posted by Corie Roudebush Spialek on Jan 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The world is constantly changing.  Nothing stays the same. Innovation changes the world on a regular basis. In my short life I telephone evolution and innovationhave personally experienced life changing innovation in how I watch movies, communicate with friends and family, and receive world news.  By no means is that a complete list. 

What I ask you today is, "Are you planning for the next big world changing innovation?"Change is a choice. Survival is not a requirement. We all choose to survive or die when it comes to our business.

The below story on industry change is from online news outlet The Verge:

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Corie Roudebush Spialek

Written by Corie Roudebush Spialek

Corie is the Director of Operations at the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute. For over 12 years she has spent her days, many nights and some weekends running logistics for all things Eureka! and Innovation Engineering. She is a DePauw University graduate who spends her free time at the pool or on the lake with her husband and three kids.

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